Hospitality Now offers a variety of services that cater to the needs of major international corporations or privately managed operations.  What sets us apart from the competition is that we build a competitively priced custom tool…built and tailored to meet the specific standards and policies required by many clients for an effective Quality Brand Audit or Mystery Shop.  Naturally, we also offer pre-formatted versions that incorporate industry standards for those clients shopping for an economical solution to effectively monitor their operations on a regular basis.

Analyzing the Needs
Our Hospitality Now team will meet with your company representatives to fully understand, appreciate and identify the intended outcomes that your business is see
ptg00794269king. Through a series of meetings and discussions we will assist you in prioritizing your goals while obtaining an understanding of your company policies and standards, which will be reflected and used in the Audit Tool.
Presenting the Possibilities
A key element of the services provided by Hospitality Now is the ability to expand the original objectives and to think outside the box, providing new avenues of information that can be captured to increase sales, reduce cost and improve overall customer satisfaction levels.  Hospitality Now experts bring a wealth of experience in customer related fields and wide ranging industries, so you gain exponentially through tried and true proven methods.
The Audit Tool
Our Auditors are provided with precise detailed guidelines that enable them to make informed and fair decisions when scoring the operation through a pre-established “Answer Choice”.  This assures consistency.  The customized list of questions can be created to pdv102082 data pen input (1)provide informed results in the Management Reports.  By effectively analyzing the needs, Hospitality Now will gather the required standards and policies of your company, and will have the ability to present the relevant criteria through a “Policy Window” within the audit software.  In this way, you can readily see where the audit links to specific customer policy.

The Site Visit
A member of our Audit Team will visit your designated location, unannounced, appearing as a typical customer.  Following an established guideline and course of action, the Auditor will carry out the necessary steps to ensure the required objectives of the visit are obtained by directly experiencing the services offered and the manner in which they’re presented.  The results will be entered in the Audit Form, selecting the correct Answer Choice.  The auditor has the opportunity to expand on the selection by providing a commentary that will help you gauge the experience, the rating and put it into context.
Detailing the Findings
A key element of the audit is the “Summary Report”.  In effect, it “rolls up” the audit by permitting the Auditor to select a Pre-Defined Finding, which is a list of established possible reasons explaining the decision process in the answer selected.  In addition, the Auditor can freely add text to further explain situational and observed differences.

The Summary Report
Within 24-48 hours, on normal business days, the Summary Report will be sent as an attachment to a pre-determined list of recipients for viewing online or email (or both).  The Summary Report contents can be customized to provide relevant information as requested and needed by the recipient.

Management Dashboards and Reports

Data gathered during the site visit can be presented in a vast array of Dashboard Layouts or Management Reports which can be customized for your specific needs.   Dashboards and Management Reports can be sent to a pre-selected list of recipients as an attachment via e-mail.  Reports can be programmed to send to select individuals either daily, weekly or monthly…thus enabling your management team to make informed decisions.   A hierarchy of Management Reports can be created  based on geographical regions, districts, territories, brands or as otherwise defined.
The Action Plan
An effective audit tool enables the audited location to create an achievable Action Plan, ensuring corrective measures are implemented by the committed due dates.  Our highly effective audit tool also results in an Action Plan that permits upper management the ability to check the responsible party and the timely completion of corrective actions.  Hospitality Now provides an Action Plan Completion report that details the successful completion of a location’s Action Plan.