Hospitality Now exceeds the needs of the Retail Industry through our Retail Mystery Shop.  Designed to allow frequent and regular visits at a reasonable cost, the gain realized through monitoring customer service, aggressive salesmanship and product control will quickly justify the need for our services.

During our visit, the Service Auditor will capture the total customer experience from the arrival into the parking area through to the hospitality and greetings of the employees encountered and including speed of service, the personal skills used in merchandising and maximizing the sales potential, accurate recording of the sale, product display, organization and store cleanliness.

While visiting your store, the Service Auditor will creatively engage in product inquiry requiring assistance, challenging situations, opportunities to sell and a purchase that allows a traceable time-trail that is documented in the results for analytical review.

Using our Audit Tool, the Service Auditors have precise detailed guidelines that enable them to make informed and fair decisions when scoring the operation through a pre-established Answer Choice.

retail2Within 24-48 hours, on normal business days, the Summary Reportwill be sent as an attachment to a pre-determined list of recipients for viewing.  The Summary Report contents can be customized to provide relevant information needed by the recipient.

Optionally, the Data gathered during The Visit can be presented in a vast array of Management Reports that can be customized for your specific needs.   Management Reports can be sent to the pre-selected list of recipients as an attachment via e-mail.  Reports can be programmed to send to the individuals daily, weekly or monthly, enabling your management team to make informed decisions.   A hierarchy or Management Reports can be created allowing reports to be sent based on geographical regions, districts, territories, brands or as defined.