Our Quality Brand Auditors

Quality Brand Auditors

hotel7Hospitality Now Quality Brand Auditors are specialists in their field having had prior careers as:

  • Executive Chefs, 
  • Food and Beverage Managers,
  • Housekeeping Managers,
  • Concierge and Front Office Managers,
  • General Managers,
  • Auditors and positions in other customer service related industries.

On average, team members have 14 years of experience prior to joining Hospitality Now and have received recognition for their performance in leading Fortune 500 companies.

The average length of a Quality Brand Auditor with Hospitality Now is over seven years.

All QBA Auditors carry a Food Safety and Hygiene Certification.

Quality Assurance

Hospitality Now maintains on-going monitoring of auditor performance through unannounced
business6accompanied audits.  In this way, we internally audit the auditor.

In addition, we have regular reviews of completed audits for analysis and feedback. On-line testing is also conducted to keep our auditors aware of changes and updates.

Regular company conferences are held to maintain the cohesiveness and consistency of audit practices in the field.

A new QBA Auditor will be accompanied by a senior auditor to three or four locations to ensure and maintain consistency in scoring results throughout the reporting structure.