Hospitality Now

Hospitality Now is a worldwide professional leader in providing Brand Quality Auditing and Mystery Shopping Services.  Through repetitive live, onsite visits, we capture detailed analysis of the customer experience, operational insight and the employee impact within global corporations in the Hospitality and Food Service Industry.  Based in the USA with international  teams located throughout the world to accommodate your needs at any destination.

As a private company, we are dedicated to working one-on-one with our clients, developing a thorough understanding of the client’s philosophy and objectives.  Hospitality Now fully appreciates the importance of our clients’ customer base, impression and brand loyalty.  Consequently, we embed identified goals into customized, tailored audits and analyses – coupled with real-time online reporting that enables implementing immediate resolutions.

Our focus not only includes current deficiencies, but also identifies “success stories”, which are critical to return on investment.

  • Auditors – knowledgeable and industry experienced in management/key supervisory positions.
  • Customized audits propriety to the individual needs of the client.
  • Secure online reporting system.