Assisted Living

asstliving1The emerging demand for assisted-living facilities has resulted in larger corporations running a number of facilities. These organizations seek to provide consistency in quality and expectations. At the same time, small, independent facilities also strive to provide excellent service.

Hospitality Now is designed to assist both the large corporation and the small independent operator in maintaining the hygienic and safe delivery of the thousands of meals you might be serving daily.  Keeping the risk of a food bourne illness outbreak in your operation to a minimuml is your goal, and ours.  We can assit your mangement team by providing a systematic Quality Assurance Program to monitor your facilities and the management of your food service operations.

Utilizing HAACP guidelines as the fundamental basis for the inspection of your facility, our Quality Inspectors will assist in identifying potential areas of concern to pre-empt a surprise visit from the Department of Health.

Our team will check the hygiene levels, safe food practices, and sanitation of your kitchen allowing you to stay ahead of any possible violations or potential outbreaks.

We will work with your culinary team and guide them in how they can improve your operation.  The benefits of utilizing this process include:

  • asstliving5A detailed and comprehensive report of the current performance of your kitchen management.
  • Improved food handling practices.
  • Clients often see a decrease in food costs. By utilizing proper temperatures for holding and storing food, there is less waste and spoilage, thus increasing the shelf life of food products. 
  • Your local Health Department will be impressed by your proactive posture.

In addition to the Food Service element of the operation, our Quality Audit can encompass the entire facility to include public areas, restrooms, exterior grounds, recreational areas, building and structure, environmental compliance, corporate related record keeping, and any element desired by the operator.   The key is that Hospitality Now will customize your Quality Audit to meet your guidelines and standards, ensuring a consistent measuring tool regardless of how many locations are within your organization.